The Advantages Of Banner Ads

8bb2285968fa873ac12f48929464d5f6Printed banner designs are online forms of advertising. They usually come in the form of flash, gif and jpg. Many companies use this form of advertising to advertise their products and services. When a person clicks on the banner they are taken to the URL of the advertiser. If you look at the top or side of a website then you will usually see a banner advertising something. People will pay a fee to have this banner placed on the website as it offers a number of advantages, and is a highly effective way to advertise a business.

The Main Advantages of Banner Ads:

• You can achieve more website traffic and increase sales. Through a banner ad the message you wish to convey is placed directly in front of the internet user.Google has renewed online excitement over the effectiveness of banner ads in click rate conversion. When Google reintroduced image ads and animated flash ads in Adsense in 2008, advertisers took heed. After all, Google should know what it’s doing. So if you happen to be an advertiser, perhaps you should consider the advantages of banner ads, as well.

Full Color Banners – Use of Vector and Raster Images

1_FULL_COLOR_BANNERHave you ever had a graphics artist ask you about raster and vector images? Like most people not involved in graphics you were probably a little confused by the question. The fact is, that the proper use of vector and raster (or bitmap) images is very significant to the final outcome of large dimension printing like full color banners. If you have seen a printed image that was pixilated, out of proportion or lacked precise definition, then they most likely used a bitmap imagery and enlarged that image until it lost its crisp definition. Speaking of crisp definitions, lets define vector and raster.


  • Vector images are composed of paths, which are defined by a start and end points, along with other points, curves, and angles. A path may take the form of a line, a square, a triangle, or a curved shape. These paths may be combined to create simple drawings or complex diagrams. Due to vector images not being composed of a specific number of dots, but formula representing the curves and paths, they can be scaled to a larger size and not lose any image quality. Vector images are stored in a good deal smaller files than raster images. Vector images are generally unsuitable for photo-realistic, extremely complex images, but are best suited for graphs, diagrams, logos or images composed of basic shapes, such as cartoon-style characters. Common types of vector graphics editors include Adobe Illustrator, and Macromedia Freehand. Their file designators are ai and eps.
  • Bitmap images are exactly what their name implies, a collection of bits that form an image. The image consists of a matrix of individual dots or pixels that all have their own color. Bitmap images are not the best candidates for resizing, rotating, or stretching. Their best representation is in the size and orientation they were originally developed. They may be cropped, colorized, converted to black and white, or combined with other images using an image editing program such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements or Corel Photo-paint.
  • All types of banner stands can be very effective for businesses. They are easily portable and provide near instant background graphics and advertising for trade show display booths and more. Because they are easy to move around, users can take advantage of them to quickly alter the look of a room and its configuration while also displaying colorful and professional advertising.

Why Fabric Banners Are Your Best Banner Option

500_fabric-banners1835Banners have been used by businesses for decades. In fact, they may be one of the oldest advertising methods utilised to attract potential customers or clients to buy a product or service. However, they have significantly evolved in the last few years. These days, text can be easily printed with graphics in a wide range of colours.originally banner designs consisted of just text in basic fonts. Now that images can be easily reproduced and printed they form the larger part of banner advertising. Moreover, images are approaching photo quality.

Various materials have been used and are still used as the basis for banners but fabric has proved to be the most flexible, portable and hardwaring. Fabric banners have evolved as the best alternative for advertising and product marketing because of these will find many companies using such banners at exhibitions, trade shows, in store and as part of shop window displays etc. Unlike paper or card, fabric banners can be reused and re-purposed making them a very cost effective investment.

What Are Your Options

Digital printing technology has pushed the boundaries of what is possible and banners have significantly evolved in the last few years. These days, images, pictures and photos can be easily copied on to banner fabrics with the minimum of fuss in various sizes and in great detail.Banners can be printed at 3 metres, times whatever length, within reason, as the fabric comes on a roll. However 3 metres is not a limit as you can composite images across two banners by sewing them together.

Fabric banner options include:

Outdoor banners
Printed tablecloths
Fabric posters
Printed carpets & mats
Double sided prints
Slatwall banner

The right banner stand can work great at trade shows, as part of event signage, for retail displays, and more. Many business owners already understand the importance of banners and signs, but they may not understand how to best take advantage of them. Sign manufacturers can help businesses choose the best display systems and hardware.A lightbox 3D Banner Standhas backlit panels that help graphics to stand out. A thin light box placed behind printed fabric stretched on a frame creates the backlit panel. With backlit light boxes, your signs will be able to be seen even in dark or dimly lit locations.